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A Measure of Time

Sold out.

Jirgens writes with precision and wit about what happens when we try to take the measure of things. – Jirgens finds no absolutes in the universe, only compelling parallels that converge somewhere around infinity, a place where zero equals one.”

—Allen Casey, (Books in Canada).

What critics say...

“a fresh diverting alternative”

Allan Casey (on A Measure of Time), Books in Canada.

“Jirgens takes the post-mortem out of post-modern.”

Steve McCaffery (on Jirgens’ writing and editing) In Person.

“Karl Jirgens is an alchemist. -- These stories take details from the murky world we live in, and transform them into high art, tales to be read again and again for their intricacies and revelations.”

Steven Ross Smith (on A Measure of Time) Prairie Fire.

Excerpt from the book:

“I was driving the outskirts of Chicago. You could never get lost there. The TV antennas all aimed to the east. Bugs hovered in the fields, over the road. The sun scorching. I watched for a split second as a moth collided with the windshield. It shot through the glass. A bullet through vapour thoughts. The scenery slid by. The windows of the car framed everything. In the glass, I could see the reflection of my hands on the wheel. I was hovering; the highway slid under me at sixty miles an hour. One day, at a given moment, the highway will drop below me. Rising into the suddenly white clear air, I will slip through a nail hole, and sucked in by the sun, I will fly to meet my image in the glistening iris of the fire-eye.”

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