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A collection of linked short stories that jump through time and space to explore the haunting hunger that reaches beyond the physical and into the spiritual—for love, for understanding and for truth.

So, you’re working at the coffee shop at the corner of University and somewhere, and you’re thinking you should’ve stayed in school. There’s an unkempt hairy person trying to make small talk from across the counter, and you know they’re trying weasel you into a date. You’re desperate for an intrusion, and as luck would have it, the androgynous advertisement flyer person bursts in...

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Mercury Press

Jirgens writes with precision and wit about what happens when we try to take the measure of things. – Jirgens finds no absolutes in the universe, only compelling parallels that converge somewhere around infinity, a place where zero equals one.”

—Allen Casey, (Books in Canada).

Coach House Press

“Witty, sexy, and perceptive, Karl Jirgens' fiction emerges from the tradition of Voltaire, Breton, and Marquez. His voice maintains the precision and pluck of a flamenco rhythm and ranges from the 'pataphysical impossibilities of Alfred Jarry to the juxtapositional strategies of hypertext. Weaving the common day with the mystic, Jirgens combines morning coffee and the cutting of lawns with prehistoric events, atrocities in Siberia, and inter-dimensional travel to parallel universes. Encounters with insane chess masters, nuclear physicists and spirit beings occur during hikes in the park or at the end of the driveway.”

—Brian Shein (Quill & Quire)

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