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23 October 2022 / The Razor's Edge Launch, Reading & Signing 

Toronto's "Supermarket" 

thumbnail_jirgenslaunch_fbcover (1).jpg

15 October 2022 / "Fiction Across Borders"

BookFest Windsor 

Jirgens will be a part of the "Fiction Across Borders" panel at the 2022 Windsor BookFest. The panel will take place at 11:30am on Saturday the 15th of October 2022. Stay tuned for the address! 

30 September 2022 / "Toronto Chic: Walks on the Wilde Side"

Toronto Chic Symposium

Jirgens will deliver a talk titled: "Toronto Chic: Walks on the Wilde Side" at the Toronto Chic Symposium: Friday, September 30th, 2022 at the Jackman Humanities Building at the University of Toronto. Details to follow for the time of the reading.

28 September 2022 / Reading and Signing
Biblioasis Bookshop


25 September 2022 / 100 thousand Poets for Change

Cinecycle, Toronto

Jirgens will be reading/performing at the 100 thousand Poets for Change event at Cinecycle (Toronto) Sun., Sept. 25, 2022 – the event runs from noon to midnight. Details to follow for the time of the reading. (Cinecycle is a coffee bar, bicycle repair shop & cinema, located in an old coach house in an alley: 129 Spadina Ave., Toronto, M5A 1J7.

19 June 2022 / Stone & Sky Pelee Island Arts Festival

Pelee Island


Karl Jirgens (light blue shirt) reading at the Pelee Island “Stone and Sky” Arts Festival (June 19, 2022). Nicholas Jirgens at picnic table with complimentary Rampikes.


Nick & Karl Jirgens at “Stone & Sky” Fest


Karl Jirgens reading at “Stone & Sky” Arts Fest (June 19, 2022).

2022 / Poems in Response to Peril

Karl Jirgens Read at the Poems in response to Peril video-launch in support of Ukraine (London, Ontario): (2022)


2021 / Blue Metropolis Festival: Unarchiving / Désarchiver 

Based on concepts and case studies from the new edited collection of essays, CanLit Across Media: Unarchiving the Literary Event (McGill/Queen’s University Press), this event explores key ideas and methods of unarchiving through creative acts of “unarchival” performances – presented as recorded videos – followed by a live-virtual panel. Participants: Jason Camlot, Katherine McLeod, Karl Jirgens, Jessi MacEachern, and Deanna Fong. Host: Jason Camlot, Katherine McLeod (English).

(If viewing the “UNARCHIVING / DÉSARCHIVER” video, please go to 13.27 as the starting point).

5 April 2019 / Interview with Malcolm Curtis

"The art of Writing #5"

Jirgens interview with Malcom Curtis: “The Art of Writing #5”

In the Talking about Strawberries All the Time (Blog):

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